Dynamic Music Instruction
Where professional musicians teach you real-world skills

Jen connects to the children and builds the relationship first. Kids are very responsive to her. I think Jen's combined passion of music and kids makes it a positive experience for everyone. I think I love Jen as much as my kids do.


We talked for quite a while about finding the right music teacher for our family. We wanted to be sure to find someone who would make music fun. Our daughters already loved music and we wanted that to continue. We looked for someone who would be flexible, encouraging, and dynamic. Jen is all those things. The girls were each nervous when they started their lessons – as was I – but Jen is so welcoming that excitement quickly replaced nervousness.


[My granddaughter] is a good student at school and I am sure this is due in part to the discipline she has learnt in her musical journey. I am, and all our family are, amazed at the progress she has accomplished in a few short years. I have been involved personally with several other teachers and music formats. This is by far the best.


Jen is fabulous. She is a great musician interested in a wide variety of music and she also is a great teacher and a very personable and fun person. All the children, teens and adults I know enjoy being with her as she is such a positive person and at the same time knows her stuff and can bring out amazing talent in people. I have had music teachers when I was a child and know of other music teachers around and I think what is really different about lessons with Jen is that her main goal seems to be to inspire a love for music and one can really tell that this works in the recitals.